N7, Games, n Stuff

Happy N7 Day!

Happy day, Shepards! How about that Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer?! It looks pretty great, but Mass Effect 3 really broke my heart to the point of having major sleep problems for around 2 months lol. I’m hoping Andromeda can repair our relationship ❤

Back to Gaming 

I’ve happily found some time for GW2. I finally got caught up on the Living Story and did some of the Halloween content which has been a huge relief.

8fqpv5eProper skeletons howl at the moon while on fire.

I’ve also been hitting up Skyrim: Special Edition. Ahh, it’s so good to be back in Skyrim! For me, November is Skyrim and soup season. It just feels right! Fun fact: I have over 500 hours in Skyrim, but haven’t beaten the main story line lol. I have a terrible habit of doing every single side story I can and then just messing around until I get to a point where I’m too busy to play or other things come up. I have been too busy to put in much time with Skyrim SE, but have big plans for the next few days 🙂


Thanks, kid.

On Social Anxiety

I have a lot of personal change/growth happening right now, so let’s get to talking about social anxiety! Growing up, I had crippling social anxiety. It was actually painful for me to interact with others. My chest and throat would tighten and I’d be overwhelmed with stress. I’d have to be very comfortable to communicate with someone verbally other than a few words here and there. Middle school was when it was its worst. I avoided people like the plague because I might have to interact with them and did not have the slightest clue how that would work. To this day, I struggle a lot. It comes out especially when I’m reeling from having a fun time with people I enjoy the company of. I get stuck in a loop of thinking about what I could have possibly done wrong in the situation even if everything is fine. I’m still pretty much garbage at verbal communication. I often struggle to find the words to express my feelings or to just have a conversation and probably come off like some sort of strange animal.

Anyway, that’s enough personal stuff for now! I’ll take lots of screenshots of my new Skyrim adventures and post the funny things that go down. I have also vowed to actually beat the main story line this play through. Thanks for reading.

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