HoT Hot HOT!

Let’s talk Heart of Thorns!

But first, random announcement: I have a week off for Thanksgiving. There will be so much Guild Wars 2. I’m so excited.

I will leave spoilers for the bottom half of this post – no pics included so you don’t accidentally see something you didn’t want to.

It Begins!

Friday the 23rd, I arrived home from work with my game ready to go. As I created my Revenant, Shalien shook me and sang (badly) at me to drive me insane. I created Xinrae Ascendant and got started right away.

Revenant / Herald is the profession I’d been waiting for since launch. It’s crazy fun, powerful, and maximum nostalgia mode. The legends are oddly motivational, including Shiro (maybe not so much Malyx), but whenever they start saying things like “Together, we’re unstoppable!” I get so pumped and feel like they’re my new BFF.

Shiro, you were a jerk in life… and much of your afterlife, but you’re a very friendly slave. No, I won’t release you.

Glint. I love Glint. I have a baby tortoise named Glint. Praise, Glint. Herald is brilliant and oh so satisfying. The facet skills are very useful and have different effects when activated or passive.

The sounds of the Herald’s facets confused me for days. I thought they were some weird ambiance in the game and was wondering wtf was going on. Oh, just my facet…. derp. Reminds me of the days of the Queensdale spaceship…

Side Note: I finally finished my ascended heavy armor set, but I still lack an ascended back piece. Progress! Wow. Such gold.


Who doesn’t love falling with style?! Gliding is a lot of fun and very relaxing at the same time. To activate gliding, you need to earn and spend mastery points along with leveling the skill you want. These points can be earned by completing events in the deep Maguuma jungle or locating them throughout the new maps. After unlocking gliding initially, you can then unlock other gliding skills as well as many other important skills you need to get around the jungle. You can switch out gliders for different skins, but I think the only new skins you can get are on the gem store at this time.


Maclaine Diemer is a musical hero. The HoT soundtrack has reached my top favorite soundtrack list. The HoT theme is powerful and  a great call to action for players to kick dragon ass. My favorite song in HoT is the Tarir battle song that plays in Auric Basin during the Octovine event:

It gets your blood pumping and it’s so uplifting – I think due to inspiration of the location.

I really wish that the full soundtrack was on Soundcloud or anywhere!


Please, don’t read beyond this point if you have not finished Heart of Thorns!

I warned you!

How many people cried throughout the story? *Raises hand*

How many people love Tizlak? *Raises hand*

How many people encountered bizarre bugs? *Raises hand*

Heart of Thorns is another reminder that Guild Wars 2 is a dark game. Terrible things happen to characters throughout all story in the game and HoT is no exception. We lost Eir and Trahearne.

I read the first two books before the game launched and had developed an early love for Eir Stegalkin. She was a bad-ass norn ranger, hero, artist, guild leader. I really wish she didn’t have mercy for Faolain. I find myself angry at Caithe for all of this too. During season 2, Caithe’s actions made me quite pissed off. The fact that she sided with such a psychopath for so long and how her secrecy has hurt everyone… I can’t help but feel angry at her for Eir’s death even though she’s not responsible for it.

When Braham is talking about her when she dies and mentions Garm, it just twisted my heart.

Now I know there are many Trahearne haters out there that are probably happy about his death, but I enjoyed his character. My first main character in GW2 is sylvari. I say “is” instead of “was” because she isn’t retired or anything. I still play Gladiolus quite often and am so proud that she’s now a dragon hunter. Trahearne comes into the story a bit earlier for sylvari characters and maybe it makes more sense that way, but I’ve never found a reason to dislike him and considered him a close friend to my characters.

The future of Destiny’s Edge is a little concerning at the moment. Logan and Zojja are in pretty poor health. Who’s going to trust Caithe? I suppose we can sort of have a new Destiny’s Edge with Kasmeer, Marjory, Braham, Rox, Canach, and Taimi getting updated into the guild roster. I hope Logan and Zojja can get back on their feet and that Taimi builds a sweet new golem.

Tarir. When I first entered this city, my eyes watered … The city is breathtaking and the exalted are beautiful and very intriguing… until they talk shit about me being a mist-walker (revenant).

Although, Durmand Priory folks in Tarir are saying the exalted are not related to the Mursaat, I’m still a little uneasy about the similar appearance. I’m nervous about the egg and what it will become. Will Glint Jr. be our dragon savior or will he/she be a scumbag? And if it’s a scumbag, can we un-scumbag it?!

Bugs (still spoilery)

I encountered a few memorable bugs during my play-through of the story. The first one was during “Sign Cutting,”  but I think this is fixed now. I played the story with Shalien and during this chapter, only he was getting credit. We tried a few things without any luck, but fortunately the GW2 forums were able to figure out a strange workaround by completing the story steps without people around. But what a stupid bug lol.

The next bug is during the final fight. Not sure if this got fixed or not, but the boss scales up throughout the battle when key events are triggered. If you wiped (at least this was the case in a party), he would stay up-scaled when you rez. Mordremoth is a douche. All in all, the bugs weren’t horrible for me. I know Shalien had constant crashing issues, but it seems the 64 bit client resolved that.

I’ll need to stop talking now, so I can finally post this, but there are infinite more things I want to talk about regarding HoT.