The Week from Hell

This past week has weighed¬†heavy on my emotions. Last Sunday evening, one of my rats passed away. Tuesday, her partner in crime passed away as well ūüė¶ These two were my first rats, Nimh and Dovah. We got them Christmas Eve-Eve and Christmas Eve 2013. They were pretty old for rats and had health issues, but I don’t think anything can prepare you for the loss of¬†loved ones. We¬†brought home the two younger rats, Fitz and Spirit, about a year after we got Dovah and Nimh are a bit confused and sad, but they are holding together.

My two old ladies were really wonderful, loving rats that taught Shalien and I a lot. We’ll miss them ūüė¶


The queen of rats and intense eyes.


She really loved if you’d talk to her in a JFK accent.

Everyone forcing their way onto one shoulder and whipping me in the face.

In addition to losing my two furry family members, I worked probably about 80 hours last week and things won’t be slowing down ūüė¶ My trip is coming up and I’m nowhere near prepared for the exam I will be taking and I just want it all to stop.

On a positive note, I managed some good GW2 time and rat time yesterday. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the young rats to help them deal with their loss as well.

I worked with Shalien and the guild to make a submission for Guild Wars 2 TwitchCon participation. It feels weird attaching the video here right now, but it felt good to make a community video again. Here’s our entry:

Hopefully, you’ll see our submission at TwitchCon at the end of September and hopefully, things will calm down in my life.

Status Update and Evergreen Games

Busy week! There’s so much I want to talk about (like “It Follows!”), but there have been lots of real life demands this week including me freaking out and having to do a presentation (it ended up being really short and not awful), crazy storms, and a sick old rat. I won’t likely be doing a whole lot of daily blogs for much of the month as I now have a lot of studying, work, and care for said sick old rat, but I will post¬†when I can!

Dafuq is going on?

Evergreen Game

Stealing a Blaugust writing prompt!

An evergreen game is a game that you find yourself going back to consistently despite doing other things and playing other games in between. Usually an evergreen game holds up over the course of months or years.

You’ve probably guessed at least two of them. EverQuest II, Guild Wars 1 & Guild Wars 2, and Minecraft are my evergreen games. These games always manage to pull me back ūüôā

EverQuest II

I’ve been playing EverQuest II on and off since launch. I really love this game as it has some seriously rich lore. Each race has culture and history and I bought¬†my first PC for this game. EverQuest was my introduction to MMORPGs at 15 thanks to Shalien, but I had to share a PC with my family until I could buy my own right around the time EQ2 came out. Getting into the lore a bit,¬†The Athenaeum¬†is a great source of Norrathian history. The site documents much of the variety of lore texts that can be found in the games and makes for nice reading!

Guild Wars

I started playing Guild Wars shortly after it was released in 2005. It was an accidental find and I was thrilled with what it became. This is still an incredibly beautiful game with a huge story and insane skill sets. I will never forget the beautiful soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule as I’ve spent many nights falling asleep to Tasca’s Demise and the Factions soundtrack. I’ve spent thousands of hours in this game and would have GWAMM if I wasn’t lazy. Crap, reminiscing¬†is making me want to¬†reinstall the game now, haha.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is obviously my sweet baby. Not only is GW2 stunningly beautiful, but the professions are so fun to play that it has ruined most MMOs for me. I really enjoy the race selection as well. GW1¬†only had one¬†playable race: humans, so when they allowed you to play the other races in Tyria, I was pumped. As Charr were cruel¬†villains in GW1, I didn’t think I would ever make one, but somehow I ended up with four and probably love them way too much.

GW2 has a very special community. I met some of the coolest¬†people¬†in Tyria – many of whom I still talk to and play games with regularly.¬†There’s just something very alive and special with this game that allows¬†friendships¬†to blossom.


I got Minecraft in spring of 2011 and knew just a little bit about it. My first night was a terrifying disaster. From then on, it was love lol. This is going to sound stupid, but Minecraft is one of the scariest games for me. There are a lot of eerie sounds and dark spaces where monsters can pop out. Exploring a cave or mine shaft can be terrifying and awesome. This game has a great mix of exploration, comfort, and uneasiness.

My most recent terrifying experience happened shortly after they released underwater monuments. I am very uncomfortable by sea beasts and large bodies of water in general. I have a love-hate relationship with sharks, giant squids etc in that they’re really cool and scary as fuck. Deep Blue Sea scared me when I first watched it. All the sea stuff in GW2 and EQ2 make me REAAAAAALLLLLLY uneasy.

Back on track! I decided to venture beyond my chunk of land and set sail out into¬†the ocean. I see some underwater structures in the distance and think “Oh cool. That must be¬†one of those new monuments¬†ūüėÄ .” I’m paddling over there and suddenly this bastard flashes on my screen like one of those jump scare gifs. It makes some horrible sound and I get cursed or whatever. It freaked me out so bad that I almost fell out of my chair.

Annnd that was the last time I went into the ocean in Minecraft.

Minecraft also played a big part in bonding when I had roommates (aka Dolni & Chacha). One of us would set up a server and everyone would hop in and build and explore together.

That’s all for now!

Spectral Olympics: Day 3

Come to Brisban Wildlands at 12 pm EDT for an Olympic Tonic Race!

Become the Olympic flame. Consume a Warm Potion and run a course around Brisban Wildlands to secure the gold! Olympic Officiator’s will be stationed at checkpoints throughout the course.

Purchase some Warm Tonics and head over to Mrot Boru waypoint in the southern part of the map. The map IP is:

Asuraball will follow the tonic race.

Join your Regional City as you hammer some poor Asuran named Official Ball through your opposing team’s goal. You may only use knockbacks, launches, fears, taunts, pulls, and wards (A ward can include guardian wards, elementalist staff or conjure fields such as Unsteady Ground and Static Field, and necromancer Spectral Wall among other similar skills). If you are unsure whether a skill may be used, ask an Officiator for clarification.

Peacocks and Tortoises

I’ve been too upset¬†about Daisy to will myself to post over the past two days, but here goes nothing.

Employee of the Month

There was a white peahen at work yesterday. This wasn’t just a 20 minute thing. She was there all day. As if she was new employee, Miss Peacock first arrived at the front door. No one would let her in so she looked in the windows for assistance. The employees looked at her with confusion. I believe she realized that she forgot her badge and then tried to get in through other entrances around the entire building. She eventually fell asleep outside one of the conference rooms. I¬†think she’s going to get fired, but she sure did lift my spirit.

Spectral Olympics

The next batch of Spectral Olympics start tomorrow in Guild Wars 2! We’re meeting in Brisban Wildlands at 12 pm EDT (it might really be 3 pm EDT – I am awaiting confirmation) for an Olympic Tonic Race! Please, do the right thing and ¬†join the Cult of Spectral Paw Black Citadel Team ūüėÄ

Massively OP provided some great information on the Revenant via EXCLUSIVE: GUILD WARS 2’S REVENANT ELITE SPEC IS THE HERALD

In response to this Herald greatness, I give you smug Glint and baby Glint.

This leads to a story of Guild Wars and pets and a lot of other stories actually! When Guild Wars: Factions launched, I had the pleasure of not being in school and not having a job. It was a beautiful and rare time in my life *reminisces*. I dedicated a large portion of my day to doing all things Guild Wars related and eventually joined up with the The Crusaders Alliance [TC]. Shalien and I worked with the Alliance to unlock the Deep dungeon for all by doing faction runs to taxi-ing folks into the zone. We did our best  to retain ownership of Cavalon against the Blackblades alliance, whom had opposing goals at the time. Any way, [TC] were heroes and the zone became available to all, not just those who owned Cavalon.

During Factions, there are two sides you can join – Luxon or Kurzick.


We sided with the Luxons mostly because they had amazing siege turtles and what sick, heartless jerks would join a faction that kills turtles? I did wear Kurzick gear though because I thought it looked cooler /guilty.

Here’s a screenshot of my GW ritualist that I did some work on. Ritualist is love. Ritualist is life.

Our love for siege turtles brought up the thought, why not get our own siege turtle? We did some research and picked out the redfooted tortoise as our personal siege turtle. So we got Aiko. Aiko’s about 9 now and basically a tank. She’s maybe 10 – 15 lbs and crazy strong. A few months ago, we brought home another redfoot and named her Glint thanks to Guild Wars 2 for reminding us of the importance of good dragons ūüôā

Iksar a Day

This one is dedicated to the fact that we bought a shit load of Quest bars yesterday. Quest bars make you better at questing. It’s a fact.

They’ve been charmed by Quest bars!


It did not work out with Daisy. She’s had some aggression with food, which makes sense since she was a stray, but this morning she attacked Sos for no reason. Sos only got a few scrapes, but I had to wrestle Daisy to get her to stop. Daisy went for the neck, which is very bad, but Sos has a super thick mane that protected her in addition to my wrestling.

Returning her to the shelter (not a kill shelter!) was awful. We wouldn’t have taken her back if it was almost anything else. She could’ve pooped everywhere, chewed, barked – that’s all easy.¬†We couldn’t¬†risk something like this happening to Sos again ūüė¶

I’ve cried so much today. Daisy’s a phenomenal dog despite her issue with other dogs. She’s friendly, loyal, smart, beautiful, and silly. If you are interested in adopting her, live in Northern Illinois, and don’t have other dogs I can send you the shelter details, so you can give her a good life.

Daisy Johnson

So I missed the Spectral Olympics yesterday and my Blaugust post because something unexpected happened. I adopted a¬†dog! Her name is Daisy (Johnson) and she was a stray at a Kentucky kill shelter. She came to us fresh out of the wilderness and we’re so happy ¬†she’s here!

Here she is!

Here’s a Daisy / Sos team up. We’ve had Sos since we got married – she’s a wedding dog, yo.

Animals have been part of my life since I was born and I love them very much. In addition to my dogs, I have four rats and two red-footed tortoises. We’ve also raised and released a wild painted turtle and baby robin. I play a pet class in real life!

I have my hands full with establishing order with my two very alpha minded dogs, so I may not be playing any games for a few days until a social hierarchy is settled.

I will be in Guild Wars 2 for this weekend’s Spectral Olympics for sho. There are some really great events planned, so you should come and represent my team, Black Citadel!

Bonus fact:

I don’t sleep very well – now in particular. One of my comforts for getting back to sleep is running events in Orr in GW2.

Iksar a Day

Chakris reflects on her life and how much she hates the Sarnak.

Spectral Olympics: Day 1 Recap!

We had a bit of a schedule confusion and started a little late. Once thought to be dead, a risen Aco Paw arrived to the Olympics as Spectral Paw and representative of the Black Citadel.

Today’s challenge was a Plush Griffon costume brawl. Electatus reigned champion on this day!

I streamed the event, but Twitch hates when I play music ūüė¶

Thanks to all who came today whether to spectate or participate! We hope that you will join us tomorrow and next weekend.

Tomorrow’s Spectral Olympics events begin at 3 pm EST and are open to everyone. The first challenge will be a guild rush race followed by participants taking down Tequatl.

The challenges continue next Saturday with more events such as:

  • Olympic Tonic Race
  • Asuraball
  • Jumping Puzzle Races

Hope to see more of you there!

Iksar a Day

Against the dragons!

Spectral Olympics Day 1

The Spectral Olympics will be starting in a few minutes after some of our people finish a dungeon. I will then update this post with the LA IP ūüôā

Edit: LA IP is


Happy Cheester 

I’ve been on a ketogenic diet since May, so we keep a lot of cheese around the house. I declare today as Cheester! Go celebrate your beloved cheese! I’ve tasted many cheeses during these past few months and I really enjoy a good horseradish cheese! LET’S SAY CHEESE SOME MORE.

Stream Stuff

I got my Twitch¬†channel to stream like a good little stream. Ah such a relief. I don’t stream often… cuz it was shit, but I think I will do it more now that all seems well! I’m hoping I can stream some GTAO tonight!

Guild Wars 2

I’ve opted out of pre-ordering Heart of Thorns for now, but I would like to hear about any experiences in the betas so far and how folks¬†are enjoying the Revenant.

I’m so excited for the start of Spectral Olympics tomorrow! The opening ceremony starts at 11 am CDT at the Grand Piazza in Lion’s Arch if you’d like to stop by. Events tomorrow will be light as people are participating in the beta. If you’d like to know more about the event, check out this post by the Spectral Legion GW2 leader, Pazu.

I just bumped into this gem posted on Reddit. Oh yes. I can’t wait to be a hangliding plastic spider.

This is so entertaining to me. And that first comment:

Iksar a Day

Iksars celebrate Cheester too.

Time to play!