Theoretical Game Schedule

Here’s a loose schedule of my gaming plans:

  • Monday and Wednesday will be dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V: Online
  • Tuesday and Thursday will likely be a mix of EverQuest II and some GTAO
  • Fridays will likely be a drunk stupor of whatever

Ideally, I would be able to stream these games, but I’ve been having some difficulty getting things to run smoothly. Shalien and I are still busy with house stuff and being RL beastlords, so this schedule is not concrete.

For EQ2, I need some mercs. I held off this long, but I think it’s time to get Age of Discovery and max out Ginmere for the good of iksar kind.

What are some EQ2 suggestions you have? It can be anything from class suggestions to leveling suggestions to RL collectibles.

I’m thinking about participating in Blaugust. Can I keep up with a post a day and can it be interesting D: ?!

Streamy Weekend

What a nice weekend! There was a good number of the community at the TS hangout and I got to stream a bit.

Here’s some of the Twitch stream from Friday. My stuff’s all messed up so you can’t really hear me and then the stream itself lagged to death.I’ll figure it out one of these days……….

I’m super pumped about the EverQuets II TLE servers, but won’t be getting it until next month, so I’ve been enjoying life on Crushbone.

Here are some clips from my Forge channel!

30 Drenglarblars

Kylong Plains Highlights

And as always,

Praise Cazic

Til next time!

Drinks on Ginmere

Greetings and praise Cazic!

This (*translated) Friday (*translated), I invite you to the Spectral Legion Estate in the realm of Crushbone for spirits and merrymaking. We celebrate the return of some of our adventurers as the fires of summer begin to calm. We seek to nurture our comradery and our steins! If you wish to join, I will pass word to our bouncer to allow your entry. 

May you bring fear to your enemies!

-Prophet Ginmere of Cazic Thule-

EverQuest2 2015-07-19 12-26-46-21


Friday at 7pm CDT, I am holding a Spectral Legion community gathering in TeamSpeak for fun and drinking, but the  event is open to all! I have decorated my bar in EverQuest II for partying. Historically, it holds parties pretty well 🙂

How to Celebrate Dragons

Pagan Boot Camp

My Solstice camping adventure was cut short by flooding. The brief time we got to be there was nice, but I’m bit sad that we had to leave early. Also, it was like an insane 3 day tough mudder. I felt like slave Conan dragging the camping wagon through the mud.

Nobody was seriously injured, but many people lost tents and some lost their cars D:

This is supposed to be a grassy field.

After we were evacuated, Shalien and I spent much of the time attempting to recreate the event at home 🙂

Dragon Party

This year’s Dragon Party is going to be a little later than I was hoping, but housing arrangements and $$ stuff has changed, so I’m tagging it to my birthday in September #DragonParty.

I’ve got big plans for this year’s sacrifice, setup, etc 😀


I’m really looking forward to getting some GW2 time back soon and playing some Darkwood as well. We’ve been spending much of our free time cleaning and re-organizing due to newly inherited space, but can’t wait to play some games again!

Bonus Section

Food for thought: Quest bars. The s’mores ones. Yea, baby.

Drink: Monster Absolute Zero