Adventures Incoming

I am leaving regular society during the Summer Steam Sale to celebrate the Summer Solstice with my people. Betrayer aka “The Skeleton Game” is $4 right now and I’m really tempted to grab it before I go!

Tell me what your favorite Steam Sale selections are and I may pick a few of them up when I get back 🙂

Lots of prep and packing to do before Sunday, but mostly: Jurassic World tonight. I keep wanting to say JP, but it’s not JP anymore. Remember the old toy slogan: “If it’s not JP, it’s extinct!” This has left me concerned about the JW toys. I eyeballed the raptor squad set for about a week before I committed and bought it.

Oddly,  the set comes with a functioning black light that reveals a “mark” on raptor Blue’s back. Blue, have you been violated D: ?

Jurassic World got you reminiscing for some old JP game action? Check out ! You can play Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition and more on flash.

Shirt update: the seller has decided to stop responding to me now lol. Fortunately, it doesn’t look like they will be selling clothing anymore so nobody else has to deal with this 😛

The hedonistic shirt of the world Pt 2

The shirt went to California. After a few days without any update or response, I contacted the seller and told them. The tracking status changed to “Refused. Returned to sender.” That bitch is going back to Spain, I know it. WAT.

I’m not sure if this shirt is ever going to make it to me. 😦

The hedonistic shirt of the world

I bought a tank top from a hedonistic fashion site a month ago and it has not arrived yet. I thought I was buying from within the US, but after a lot of emails back and forth to try and get an arrival estimate, I finally get a tracking number and it turns out it was coming from Spain. So I’m thinking: OK, that’s a decent explanation why it’s taking so long.

I have shipping anxiety. Every time I order something online, I can’t help but check the tracking every 5 min for an update. I still check my mailbox every day as well just in case!

So I’ve been checking my order like crazy, really dying for this shirt, not actually remembering what it looks like anymore because it has also been removed from the site. I check yesterday and it went from New Jersey to California. I don’t live in California. What’s happening D:

Today, tracking says it will arrive!10 minutes later tracking says it’s out for delivery in California. WAT. Where are you going, shirt? Please, send me a post card, you well-traveled bastard!

This is some long shipping, son.

Busy busy … busy?

Obligatory  ‘I’ve been busy’ post incoming.

Yes, it’s true. I have been busy. My real life responsibilities have been creeping on me as of the past few months, and will continue to do so for a while, but let me tell you what I’ve been up to.

Work. Lots of workish type stuff. Learning, preparing, working. Extra level job stuff. Work has been a bit of a life whore, but it seems to be getting back into its place slowly.

Health. My health hasn’t been da bomb and I’ve gotten a few surprise, BS level sicknesses. Which brings up my next activity.

Keto. I can thank Shalien for this. We’ve switched to a ketogenic diet which = high fats, proteins, low carb, low/no sugar. I’ve given up the beloved cookie cake life which wasn’t as difficult as you’d expect. Keto has a lovely detox period called keto flu, so I had 3 glorious days of feeling like the earth’s gravity got turned way up and looking the wrong direction could make me barf.

Moving past the keto flu, my health seems to have improved a lot and I get to eat delicious delicious foods. We’ve had to cook A LOT more, but it’s been worth it.

Also, valuable lesson learned: never drink more than 2 shots of alcohol on keto. NEVER EVER. YOU WILL REGRET LIFE.

Our annual “festival camping” trip is coming up so we have lots of preparation to do in a short period of time.

Back to Video Games

For the love of gods, can someone please help me find a game where you can play as succubus? No text based stuff either (sorry). I need this in my life.

Guild Wars 2. I’ve barely had any time to play, but I did make my human necromancer look amazing. Screenshots to come someday.

Darkwood. Many updates have occurred and I plan on playing this again within the month hopefully.

Let me know if you have any game recommendations and I will check them out!