Advanced Chest & Thighs

This is Owena, my Aerakyn Channeler. I went a little crazy during the SOE Black Friday/ Cybz Monday sale…

Owena has been very interesting to play so far and a bit confusing. Let me begin by saying Aerakyn are dope. Get the expensive, best kind of Aerakyn if you’re going to buy one because… well, it’s just better.

Channelers. Wow. What an interesting class. Channelers are a priest class that use bow and a construct pet. The use of bow allows the channeler to be mobile while using most skills and the construct pet can be molded by different creature types that you uh.. . absorb (?) throughout Norrath.

In your wittle construct menu, you can put different body parts on your construct based on the creatures you absorb… also at level 10, you magically acquire “Advanced Chest” and “Advanced Thighs.” When this popped on my screen, I was like “Well, thanks for noticing, EQ :>” but then I thought… “WTF are advanced chest and thighs?” This is how I learned about the construct menu. I most likely could’ve looked at the friendly hints thingy flashing in the top right corner of the game, but I was too excited for that nonsense.

Turns out the Advanced Chest/Thighs were for my construct, not me 😦

Also, my suspicious Freeblood

Next time: Ginmere’s Frostfell

EQ2 Aventures – Iksar Edition

Hi. I like iksar. A lot. An iksar shadowknight was the first MMO character I ever played and since then, you could say that we’ve been pretty tight.

This is my iksar defiler, Ginmere, in EverQuest 2.

This is a drunken party at her house. It has never been the same.

After taking a break from EQ2 for a while, I realized that Kunark had been added. Here are the statues cheering on Ginmere and welcoming her back 😀

The only problem being back on Kunark: there’s this conflict between the sarnak and the iksar and all the jerks that won’t sell to me are like, “Help us fight both sides cuz we can’t hold back the iksar lol.”

I’m just like, “You know I hate you, right? How bout we side with the iksar and I take you as my slaves? Or maybe I can sacrifice you to Cazic Thule?”

I /threaten and NPC that won’t sell or talk to me.

More to come on Ginmere’s life as an iksar and also:

How my Aerakyn got Advanced Thighs.