Secret Vampire Files

That’s a bad title.

A World of Secrets… see what I did there?

Yesterday, a very kind person gave me a key to try out The Secret World. Vampire: The Masquerade has me on a huge supernatural kick at the moment, so I was very excited to try out TSW. I made a character in the Dragon faction that uses blood magick and elemental magick. I may not be able to play as a vampire, but the blood magick in TSW gives off a vampire vibe *thumbs up.

I just picked my skills so I’m still fairly early into the game, but wow, is it cool so far. I have a feeling I will commit to it. I tried to take some screenshots, but I was pressing the wrong key 😀

Vampires Forever

I received the first four clan books for Vampire: The Masquerade and have begun with the first: “Toreador.” This clan can be described as:

” A clan of sensitive, artistic, and sometimes debauched hedonists fascinated by the mortal world and its artistic creations. The Toreador are enthralled by the ever changing mortal world and are one of the few clans, as a whole, to seek to keep up with it. Toreador often Embrace for beauty or to preserve some artistic talent. Beauty can utterly captivate them causing them to become immobilized and unable to act for a period of time. They are one of the founding seven clans of the Camarilla.”

In my opinion, if I were to have a run in with any type of vampire from the World of Darkness universe, Toreador would probably be the best option for a human lol.

Unfortunately, the Malkavian clan book is the ninth in the series, so I will have to be patient, but I am enjoying

Redbubble has a good selection of Vampire: The Masquerade products! I’m definitely picking up a Malkavian shirt and maybe some more stuff in the near future.


I love X-Files. I was too scared to watch it as a child (I was a huge wuss), but I watched every episode years ago and watched the related shows, The Lone Gunmen and Millenium. Having X-Files back is great. It keeps poking my feels. Yup, right in them.

I’m extremely excited for next week’s episode because there was a quote like, “We have a case and there’s a monster in it.” in the preview. I’m a long time dedicated customer to Monster energy drinks, so a big part of me found that very punny in addition to being a funny “monster of the week” type episode.

… Now I want coffee. WTF, me?….

4 comments on “Secret Vampire Files

  1. Yes, F11, not PrtScrn…. gets everyone into trouble. Alt-Z to hide the UI. for me it always targets myself, so then I have to hit Esc to make the target ring go away before I take my pics.

    I hope you enjoy your time in TSW! Looking forward to seeing more about your experiences with it.


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