Year in Music

The week is done and I am filled with relief 😀

Year in Music

I really love Spotify.  At the beginning of each year, it puts some metrics together of music you listened to, such as top artists, top songs, top music genres, etc.

If you use Spotify, you can pull up your Year in Music here.

At the end of all of it, you can choose to build a playlist (in the right menu) of new music based on your tastes during the past year called, Play it Forward. Sometimes, you’ll get some gems -sometimes, you’ll get some weird results. Shalien’s playlist last year consisted of foreboding cinematic music ONLY despite hardly listening to any.

I listened to 36,000 minutes of music on Spotify in 2015.

My Top Artists

  1. Ghost
  2. Kero Kero Bonito
  3. Stepdad
  4. Health
  5. Indian Summer

Top Album

Jungle – Jungle

My biggest playlist is DGN (stands for Drinking Games Night)  – this is about 33 hours long right now and I update this beast frequently. Need a buttload of music? Here:

Here’s my other most reliable playlist:

Now I am off to a birthday party! I hope you find some good tunes to listen to 😀

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