Short but Picturesque


Yesterday, I got stuck at work late and had to forage for food with Shalien despite our bizarre sick & sleep lacking states. When we got home, I set the rats preciouses out to roam the room freely and proceeded to rain destruction in GTAO with the crew.

The cert that I am studying for requires me to travel next month. I have no idea what I’m doing. I’m turning 30 next month and feel like a child :O . Please, don’t get lost. Please, don’t get lost.

Heart of Thorns

I have not pre-ordered the expansion, but i hear that this weekend is a beta test for pre-purchasers. If you’ve tried it, what are your thoughts?

I’m feeling a little too foggy to write anything really coherent, so have some screenshots!

Smokey Steelforge may have been smoking something.

Aco Spectral Paw … returns?

Spectral Cupid performs weddings at Meatoberfest

A scenic golf cart ride with protective helmets :>


Iksar a Day

…helps you not stay late at work.

Idea Mode: Engage

The Sun has Risen

I survived the night! Being sick like this reminds me of the nights in Darkwood. I’ve been having crazy night terrors and have been drinking glowing well water strange concoctions to get better. I didn’t play any games yesterday, but I will likely be in GTAO or GW2 this evening.

In addition to games-n-stuff , I have some studying to do for a certification for work, so I can be a real human!

Idea Mode

Let me tell you about a thing I do called “Idea Mode.” Idea Mode is engaged when I’m stuck in a state of firing off one weird (usually guild event related) idea after another. Once I think up one of these ideas, it has to come out, so sometimes my ideas are pretty horrible, sometimes potentially offensive. If you know me a bit, then you’ve probably witnessed some of both.

During Valentine’s Day weekend, I suggested having a guild speed dating game in GW2. That didn’t happen, but I did make a beautifully hideous Cupid and performed an in-game three-way marriage anyway. My most recent Idea Mode rampage led to suggesting “Drunk Driving Nights” in GTAO.

Then there are some pretty decent things that come out of it, (maybe not all the way) like “Gladiolus Ghost Guru,” “Spectral Movie Night,” and Aco Spectral Paw.

Idea Mode leads to playlists:

I love Spotify and love thinking about music in relation to games or events. I have a special playlist for the Spectral Olympics if you feel like getting pumped!

Start your day off right by punching it in the FACE!

I also have a GW2 Personal Playlist that includes jams such as:

  • “Something in the Water”
  • “Might Makes Right”
  • “This Rose has Thorns”
  • “Everything in Moderation”
  • Freakin Taylor Swift is off Spotify won’t let me add “Shake it Off”

I also have some songs that remind of skills or characters:

  • “Set Yourself on Fire” – Zealot’s Flame (Guardian)
  • “A Dream within a Dream – Skeet Skeet Remix” – I have dubbed this the theme of the Hylek

The playlist gets pretty weird, so uhh, enjoy. I’m not sorry B)

On the topic of Guild Wars 2, I found an entertaining thread on reddit last night: Guild Wars 2 Characters Holding Cocks. It’s SFW, I promise.


I’m really enjoying this Blaugust thing. It has introduced me to a bunch new blogs out there. I’ve read some great things that people have shared about their interests and themselves and I am very much grateful for it! Keep it up everyone 🙂

Iksar a Day 

Chakris and Ginmere – buddies on Kunark.

+10 to Pumpkin Seed Mastery

day 4 – no caps

Ooohhhh boy. I’m pretty deliriously sick and my three of my rats are trying to fit in a tiny box. Lots of squeaking right now  :>

Here are some movies is a move I’ve been watching on Netflix (I meant to add more, but I’m a little too sick to deal right now /cry):

Starry Eyes

A hopeful young starlet uncovers the ominous origins of the Hollywood elite and enters into a deadly agreement in exchange for fame and fortune.

The leading actress, Alex Essoe, is amazing. Like her character, she pours so much into her acting and it’s awesome. I love the whole feel of the film. It has a realistic vibe of struggling young people in Hollywood, a retro horror film vibe that is emphasized by the soundtrack – somewhat similar to the 2014 remake of “Maniac”, and also some pretty intense horror.

Grand Theft Auto Online

I’ve done two heists in GTAO, the first and the last. The first heist is much quicker than the last heist lol. GTAV ranks pretty high in my games list. I played a lot on PS3 when the game came out in 2013 and am working on getting comfortable with the controls for PC.

Remember when GTAO first launched and characters sometimes got really messed up out of nowhere?

Ok, time to go lay down.

Iksar a Day

Chakris harvesting some roots for effective crafting.

Starting the Event Chain

Now for some Guild Wars 2…

This Saturday marks the beginning of the 3rd annual Spectral Olympics!

“Each summer, guild members of Spectral Legion [SL] meet for a friendly competition of dexterity and spirit. Join your friends for two weeks of gaming at its best!” – Pazu

Spectral Legion GW2 leadership has rocked the Olympics tradition for the past 3 years. This event is usually our first major event in the summer as everyone tends to be busy during June & July. In my opinion, it’s like the reset of community events throughout the year. The Spectral Olympics consists of a series of in-game challenges over a 2 weekend period with Gold, Silver, and Bronze prizes. This is a members only event, but you can check out the details here.

Dat Necromancer

I’ve been meaning to post pictures of my most recent transformation of my necromancer for a while now and here she is:

I ran her through Silverwastes for a bit last night just to get back in the swing of things.

I’m so very proud of her :*)

Tonight, I will be doing a heist in GTAO. Wish me luck.

Iksar a Day

Chakris meets up with Ginemere at a faerie ring.

Blaugust Day 2

I spent a lot of time in EverQuest II this weekend. Here’s a little compilation video of my adventures and a short clip of Leaon freaking out during “The Babadook.”

I captured some attractive shots of Ginmere too.

I’m delving deeper into Kunark and have made it too the Fens of Nathsar region. It’s crazy seeing Lake of Ill Omen and Kurn’s Tower! I’m not quite ready to adventure there yet, but I’ll be there soon enough… especially when I get me some mercs.

Spectral Movie Night

The stream through worked wonderfully and it was a success in my opinion. Next movie will not be of the horror genre as I discovered many folks don’t like it D: ! Lots of fun though 🙂

Iksar a Day

Ginmere hunting in Kunark.

The first day of Blaugust

Happy Blaugust day 1! I took the plunge and now I am married to Blaugust. What can you expect? 31 days of posts! :O

Throughout August, I will be playing:

EverQuest 2


Guild Wars 2


(this my Darkwood face)

Iksar a Day

To fulfill our needs for iksars in our everyday lives, I will be posting a picture every day of our friends, Ginmere and Chakris in their day to day struggle.

Behold, Chakris foraging through the Feerott.


I will be hosting Spectral Movie Night for the Spectral Legion community on mt account. We will be watching “The Babadook.”

“A single mother, plagued by the violent death of her husband, battles with her son’s fear of a monster lurking in the house, but soon discovers a sinister presence all around her.”

This is a really great film and I hope the community enjoys it as well. I encourage you to check it out if you like to be creeped out!

Til next time!

(uhh nothing)