The Week from Hell

This past week has weighed heavy on my emotions. Last Sunday evening, one of my rats passed away. Tuesday, her partner in crime passed away as well 😦 These two were my first rats, Nimh and Dovah. We got them Christmas Eve-Eve and Christmas Eve 2013. They were pretty old for rats and had health issues, but I don’t think anything can prepare you for the loss of loved ones. We brought home the two younger rats, Fitz and Spirit, about a year after we got Dovah and Nimh are a bit confused and sad, but they are holding together.

My two old ladies were really wonderful, loving rats that taught Shalien and I a lot. We’ll miss them 😦


The queen of rats and intense eyes.


She really loved if you’d talk to her in a JFK accent.

Everyone forcing their way onto one shoulder and whipping me in the face.

In addition to losing my two furry family members, I worked probably about 80 hours last week and things won’t be slowing down 😦 My trip is coming up and I’m nowhere near prepared for the exam I will be taking and I just want it all to stop.

On a positive note, I managed some good GW2 time and rat time yesterday. I’ve been spending a lot of time with the young rats to help them deal with their loss as well.

I worked with Shalien and the guild to make a submission for Guild Wars 2 TwitchCon participation. It feels weird attaching the video here right now, but it felt good to make a community video again. Here’s our entry:

Hopefully, you’ll see our submission at TwitchCon at the end of September and hopefully, things will calm down in my life.

5 comments on “The Week from Hell

  1. I’m sorry to hear that. Those were great names for them, especially Nimh.
    Grats on getting through Blaugust and nice recruitment video. Liked the whispering in there.


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