Status Update and Evergreen Games

Busy week! There’s so much I want to talk about (like “It Follows!”), but there have been lots of real life demands this week including me freaking out and having to do a presentation (it ended up being really short and not awful), crazy storms, and a sick old rat. I won’t likely be doing a whole lot of daily blogs for much of the month as I now have a lot of studying, work, and care for said sick old rat, but I will post when I can!

Dafuq is going on?

Evergreen Game

Stealing a Blaugust writing prompt!

An evergreen game is a game that you find yourself going back to consistently despite doing other things and playing other games in between. Usually an evergreen game holds up over the course of months or years.

You’ve probably guessed at least two of them. EverQuest II, Guild Wars 1 & Guild Wars 2, and Minecraft are my evergreen games. These games always manage to pull me back 🙂

EverQuest II

I’ve been playing EverQuest II on and off since launch. I really love this game as it has some seriously rich lore. Each race has culture and history and I bought my first PC for this game. EverQuest was my introduction to MMORPGs at 15 thanks to Shalien, but I had to share a PC with my family until I could buy my own right around the time EQ2 came out. Getting into the lore a bit, The Athenaeum is a great source of Norrathian history. The site documents much of the variety of lore texts that can be found in the games and makes for nice reading!

Guild Wars

I started playing Guild Wars shortly after it was released in 2005. It was an accidental find and I was thrilled with what it became. This is still an incredibly beautiful game with a huge story and insane skill sets. I will never forget the beautiful soundtrack composed by Jeremy Soule as I’ve spent many nights falling asleep to Tasca’s Demise and the Factions soundtrack. I’ve spent thousands of hours in this game and would have GWAMM if I wasn’t lazy. Crap, reminiscing is making me want to reinstall the game now, haha.

Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 is obviously my sweet baby. Not only is GW2 stunningly beautiful, but the professions are so fun to play that it has ruined most MMOs for me. I really enjoy the race selection as well. GW1 only had one playable race: humans, so when they allowed you to play the other races in Tyria, I was pumped. As Charr were cruel villains in GW1, I didn’t think I would ever make one, but somehow I ended up with four and probably love them way too much.

GW2 has a very special community. I met some of the coolest people in Tyria – many of whom I still talk to and play games with regularly. There’s just something very alive and special with this game that allows friendships to blossom.


I got Minecraft in spring of 2011 and knew just a little bit about it. My first night was a terrifying disaster. From then on, it was love lol. This is going to sound stupid, but Minecraft is one of the scariest games for me. There are a lot of eerie sounds and dark spaces where monsters can pop out. Exploring a cave or mine shaft can be terrifying and awesome. This game has a great mix of exploration, comfort, and uneasiness.

My most recent terrifying experience happened shortly after they released underwater monuments. I am very uncomfortable by sea beasts and large bodies of water in general. I have a love-hate relationship with sharks, giant squids etc in that they’re really cool and scary as fuck. Deep Blue Sea scared me when I first watched it. All the sea stuff in GW2 and EQ2 make me REAAAAAALLLLLLY uneasy.

Back on track! I decided to venture beyond my chunk of land and set sail out into the ocean. I see some underwater structures in the distance and think “Oh cool. That must be one of those new monuments 😀 .” I’m paddling over there and suddenly this bastard flashes on my screen like one of those jump scare gifs. It makes some horrible sound and I get cursed or whatever. It freaked me out so bad that I almost fell out of my chair.

Annnd that was the last time I went into the ocean in Minecraft.

Minecraft also played a big part in bonding when I had roommates (aka Dolni & Chacha). One of us would set up a server and everyone would hop in and build and explore together.

That’s all for now!

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