Spectral Olympics: Day 3

Come to Brisban Wildlands at 12 pm EDT for an Olympic Tonic Race!

Become the Olympic flame. Consume a Warm Potion and run a course around Brisban Wildlands to secure the gold! Olympic Officiator’s will be stationed at checkpoints throughout the course.

Purchase some Warm Tonics and head over to Mrot Boru waypoint in the southern part of the map. The map IP is:

Asuraball will follow the tonic race.

Join your Regional City as you hammer some poor Asuran named Official Ball through your opposing team’s goal. You may only use knockbacks, launches, fears, taunts, pulls, and wards (A ward can include guardian wards, elementalist staff or conjure fields such as Unsteady Ground and Static Field, and necromancer Spectral Wall among other similar skills). If you are unsure whether a skill may be used, ask an Officiator for clarification.

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