Peacocks and Tortoises

I’ve been too upset about Daisy to will myself to post over the past two days, but here goes nothing.

Employee of the Month

There was a white peahen at work yesterday. This wasn’t just a 20 minute thing. She was there all day. As if she was new employee, Miss Peacock first arrived at the front door. No one would let her in so she looked in the windows for assistance. The employees looked at her with confusion. I believe she realized that she forgot her badge and then tried to get in through other entrances around the entire building. She eventually fell asleep outside one of the conference rooms. I think she’s going to get fired, but she sure did lift my spirit.

Spectral Olympics

The next batch of Spectral Olympics start tomorrow in Guild Wars 2! We’re meeting in Brisban Wildlands at 12 pm EDT (it might really be 3 pm EDT – I am awaiting confirmation) for an Olympic Tonic Race! Please, do the right thing and  join the Cult of Spectral Paw Black Citadel Team 😀

Massively OP provided some great information on the Revenant via EXCLUSIVE: GUILD WARS 2’S REVENANT ELITE SPEC IS THE HERALD

In response to this Herald greatness, I give you smug Glint and baby Glint.

This leads to a story of Guild Wars and pets and a lot of other stories actually! When Guild Wars: Factions launched, I had the pleasure of not being in school and not having a job. It was a beautiful and rare time in my life *reminisces*. I dedicated a large portion of my day to doing all things Guild Wars related and eventually joined up with the The Crusaders Alliance [TC]. Shalien and I worked with the Alliance to unlock the Deep dungeon for all by doing faction runs to taxi-ing folks into the zone. We did our best  to retain ownership of Cavalon against the Blackblades alliance, whom had opposing goals at the time. Any way, [TC] were heroes and the zone became available to all, not just those who owned Cavalon.

During Factions, there are two sides you can join – Luxon or Kurzick.


We sided with the Luxons mostly because they had amazing siege turtles and what sick, heartless jerks would join a faction that kills turtles? I did wear Kurzick gear though because I thought it looked cooler /guilty.

Here’s a screenshot of my GW ritualist that I did some work on. Ritualist is love. Ritualist is life.

Our love for siege turtles brought up the thought, why not get our own siege turtle? We did some research and picked out the redfooted tortoise as our personal siege turtle. So we got Aiko. Aiko’s about 9 now and basically a tank. She’s maybe 10 – 15 lbs and crazy strong. A few months ago, we brought home another redfoot and named her Glint thanks to Guild Wars 2 for reminding us of the importance of good dragons 🙂

Iksar a Day

This one is dedicated to the fact that we bought a shit load of Quest bars yesterday. Quest bars make you better at questing. It’s a fact.

They’ve been charmed by Quest bars!

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