It did not work out with Daisy. She’s had some aggression with food, which makes sense since she was a stray, but this morning she attacked Sos for no reason. Sos only got a few scrapes, but I had to wrestle Daisy to get her to stop. Daisy went for the neck, which is very bad, but Sos has a super thick mane that protected her in addition to my wrestling.

Returning her to the shelter (not a kill shelter!) was awful. We wouldn’t have taken her back if it was almost anything else. She could’ve pooped everywhere, chewed, barked – that’s all easy. We couldn’t risk something like this happening to Sos again 😦

I’ve cried so much today. Daisy’s a phenomenal dog despite her issue with other dogs. She’s friendly, loyal, smart, beautiful, and silly. If you are interested in adopting her, live in Northern Illinois, and don’t have other dogs I can send you the shelter details, so you can give her a good life.

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