Daisy Johnson

So I missed the Spectral Olympics yesterday and my Blaugust post because something unexpected happened. I adopted a dog! Her name is Daisy (Johnson) and she was a stray at a Kentucky kill shelter. She came to us fresh out of the wilderness and we’re so happy  she’s here!

Here she is!

Here’s a Daisy / Sos team up. We’ve had Sos since we got married – she’s a wedding dog, yo.

Animals have been part of my life since I was born and I love them very much. In addition to my dogs, I have four rats and two red-footed tortoises. We’ve also raised and released a wild painted turtle and baby robin. I play a pet class in real life!

I have my hands full with establishing order with my two very alpha minded dogs, so I may not be playing any games for a few days until a social hierarchy is settled.

I will be in Guild Wars 2 for this weekend’s Spectral Olympics for sho. There are some really great events planned, so you should come and represent my team, Black Citadel!

Bonus fact:

I don’t sleep very well – now in particular. One of my comforts for getting back to sleep is running events in Orr in GW2.

Iksar a Day

Chakris reflects on her life and how much she hates the Sarnak.

3 comments on “Daisy Johnson

    • Yea, I don’t know what it is, but I’ve really enjoyed the feel of Orr ever since the game launched. I used to host weekly karma trains there. Daisy’s very friendly – I was a little surprised to find out that she was a stray, but she was covered in the signature stray ticks, burrs, and scabs. She has high charisma for sure.

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