Spectral Olympics: Day 1 Recap!

We had a bit of a schedule confusion and started a little late. Once thought to be dead, a risen Aco Paw arrived to the Olympics as Spectral Paw and representative of the Black Citadel.

Today’s challenge was a Plush Griffon costume brawl. Electatus reigned champion on this day!

I streamed the event, but Twitch hates when I play music 😦

Thanks to all who came today whether to spectate or participate! We hope that you will join us tomorrow and next weekend.

Tomorrow’s Spectral Olympics events begin at 3 pm EST and are open to everyone. The first challenge will be a guild rush race followed by participants taking down Tequatl.

The challenges continue next Saturday with more events such as:

  • Olympic Tonic Race
  • Asuraball
  • Jumping Puzzle Races

Hope to see more of you there!

Iksar a Day

Against the dragons!

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