Happy Cheester 

I’ve been on a ketogenic diet since May, so we keep a lot of cheese around the house. I declare today as Cheester! Go celebrate your beloved cheese! I’ve tasted many cheeses during these past few months and I really enjoy a good horseradish cheese! LET’S SAY CHEESE SOME MORE.

Stream Stuff

I got my Twitch channel to stream like a good little stream. Ah such a relief. I don’t stream often… cuz it was shit, but I think I will do it more now that all seems well! I’m hoping I can stream some GTAO tonight!

Guild Wars 2

I’ve opted out of pre-ordering Heart of Thorns for now, but I would like to hear about any experiences in the betas so far and how folks are enjoying the Revenant.

I’m so excited for the start of Spectral Olympics tomorrow! The opening ceremony starts at 11 am CDT at the Grand Piazza in Lion’s Arch if you’d like to stop by. Events tomorrow will be light as people are participating in the beta. If you’d like to know more about the event, check out this post by the Spectral Legion GW2 leader, Pazu.

I just bumped into this gem posted on Reddit. Oh yes. I can’t wait to be a hangliding plastic spider.

This is so entertaining to me. And that first comment:

Iksar a Day

Iksars celebrate Cheester too.

Time to play!

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