Blaugust Day 2

I spent a lot of time in EverQuest II this weekend. Here’s a little compilation video of my adventures and a short clip of Leaon freaking out during “The Babadook.”

I captured some attractive shots of Ginmere too.

I’m delving deeper into Kunark and have made it too the Fens of Nathsar region. It’s crazy seeing Lake of Ill Omen and Kurn’s Tower! I’m not quite ready to adventure there yet, but I’ll be there soon enough… especially when I get me some mercs.

Spectral Movie Night

The stream through worked wonderfully and it was a success in my opinion. Next movie will not be of the horror genre as I discovered many folks don’t like it D: ! Lots of fun though 🙂

Iksar a Day

Ginmere hunting in Kunark.


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