Theoretical Game Schedule

Here’s a loose schedule of my gaming plans:

  • Monday and Wednesday will be dedicated to Grand Theft Auto V: Online
  • Tuesday and Thursday will likely be a mix of EverQuest II and some GTAO
  • Fridays will likely be a drunk stupor of whatever

Ideally, I would be able to stream these games, but I’ve been having some difficulty getting things to run smoothly. Shalien and I are still busy with house stuff and being RL beastlords, so this schedule is not concrete.

For EQ2, I need some mercs. I held off this long, but I think it’s time to get Age of Discovery and max out Ginmere for the good of iksar kind.

What are some EQ2 suggestions you have? It can be anything from class suggestions to leveling suggestions to RL collectibles.

I’m thinking about participating in Blaugust. Can I keep up with a post a day and can it be interesting D: ?!

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