Drinks on Ginmere

Greetings and praise Cazic!

This (*translated) Friday (*translated), I invite you to the Spectral Legion Estate in the realm of Crushbone for spirits and merrymaking. We celebrate the return of some of our adventurers as the fires of summer begin to calm. We seek to nurture our comradery and our steins! If you wish to join, I will pass word to our bouncer to allow your entry. 

May you bring fear to your enemies!

-Prophet Ginmere of Cazic Thule-

EverQuest2 2015-07-19 12-26-46-21


Friday at 7pm CDT, I am holding a Spectral Legion community gathering in TeamSpeak for fun and drinking, but the  event is open to all! I have decorated my bar in EverQuest II for partying. Historically, it holds parties pretty well 🙂

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