New Year New Community

I’ve fully embraced Guild Wars 2 and am happy to be back. We’ve started a new community for ourselves and players of other games as well called Spectral Legion. For a good time, visit our site.

Since playing again, I’ve acquired four level 80 characters:

My OG, Gladiolus the guardian – she’s a ghost guru.

She who shall not be named, AcoPaw the elementalist.

Farwitai Ascendant, the lone necromancer or Orr. Nobody wants to party with her 😦

The cuddly engineer, Smokey Steelforge – master of teeth.

I have many more characters because I have an addiction to making alts, but I’m going to try and get my mesmer to 80 next. I think once Revenant is in the game, I may settle down for a while.

After watching, Arenanet’s “Points of Interest” livestream featuring the new skills of the Revenant, I can definitely say that we will be seeing many of ’em once the expansion drops!

Meanwhile at Tequatl.

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