A Brief History of AcoPaw

It all began three Wintersdays ago…

AcoClaus paid a visit to Lion’s Arch for Wintersday to give out gifts and cheer.

Everything went well until the AcoGrinch and his little cub, AcoPaw, ambushed the Acolytes to ruin Wintersday. After a battle of poetry and costume, AcoGrinch was defeated (his heart was supposed to grow, but AcoClaus was drunk). AcoPaw was left to the sewers.

Several months had past and there were rumors that AcoPaw was still in Lion’s Arch living in the sewers.

Some say they were assaulted by her when they would walk near the sewers.

A year later there were still reports of AcoPaw harrassing citizens. Some said they’d seen her plotting in the Queensdale cemetary.

Finally, AcoPaw made her move. She wanted revenge on AcoClaus for killing the AcoGrinch and ruining her life. So she began kidnapping the Acolytes during Wintersday in July and resurrected the AcoGrinch.

Over the course of a week, AcoClaus and the rest of the guild were able to save the kidnapped Acolytes and kill AcoPaw in the volcano of Mount Maelstrom.

…Or so they thought….

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