Guild Wars 2 Excitement

Prior to the announcement of the first Guild Wars 2 expansion, Heart of Thorns, I had heard some rumors of it and thought I should get back into the swing of things.

My GDub history: I played GW2 for over a year straight, starting before launch doing closed beta testing and then loving the live game with my game community, Acolytes. After playing the game that long, I needed a break because I had done everything and needed to mix things up.

I poked around a bit during the Scarlet saga, but had trouble getting into it because I missed parts of the story and stopped. I wish I didn’t because I really loved Season 2 of the Living Story. I wish the Journal system was in place for Season 1 because it helped me get caught up on everything that I had missed during Season 2. I only had to buy 1 episode as well due to my random logins with my beloved charr engineer.

Now, I am back into the game. All in. I am doing events, guild missions, etc and ready for more. I was THRILLED at the announcement of the Revenant class as this reminds me of the Guild Wars 1 Ritualist. Ritualist was my bread and butter. I loved Ritualist A LOT. I dumped 100s of hours into my sweet baby, Ritualist. Also, Factions was my favorite GW1 expansion. The music, the scenery, the story, all of it. I FUCKING LOVED IT. So this new Revenant is going to make me very happy.

Ok, that’s enough excitement posting for me for now.

For more info on the Heart of Thorns expansion, visit the new site:

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