Shelter is a game where you play as a mother badger trying to keep her five babies alive. It’s really beautiful, but mostly REALLY FUCKING SAD.

Your babies can get killed in the saddest ways possible and it will leave you feeling incredibly guilty and in tears if they die. I had to hug all of my pets after playing the game. Also, I was a terrible mother during my playthrough. I will try again, but I will probably need to watch 20 comedies and hug everything a lot after to balance the INCREDIBLE SADNESS.

Gonna go cry now.

2 comments on “GODDAMMIT SHELTER!

    • It’s a really neat idea with really pretty art and music, but yes, it can be like recommending depression. I need to try it again a few more times, but all the babies died and so did the mom during the first playthrough, sooo… that was rough on the feels. Very rough…

      Maybe there’s a possibility for a happy ending, but I don’t know yet.


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